Emerging Markets Key Themes Chartpack

Emerging market growth is picking up steam amid more buoyant demand in developed economies, but performance will be highly mixed. Our key themes include: commodity exporters will struggle to recover; China and Mexico will bear the brunt of '...

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Asia Power: Global Outperformance Maintained

Asian power markets outperform the global risk/reward index, as strong opportunities are balanced against relatively lower risks. Within the region, we highlight Malaysia and Australia as notable investment bright spots.

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Tax Review Increases Upstream Risk

Stricter tax laws, alongside oil price uncertainty and tightening onshore drilling laws will pose considerable headwinds to new project investments in Australia, lending support to our view for the pace of oil and gas production growth to slow...

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Regional Growth Stabilisation Ahead

Real GDP growth across Asia slowed slightly over the past year, and we estimate the region grew by 4.6%, compared to 4.8% registered in 2015. Despite the minor slowdown, which was to a large degree led by China, Asia continues to register the...

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Coca-Cola Adapting To Health Conscious Consumers

One of our key themes for the year is playing out in Brazil as Coca-Cola launches several products with low or no sugar as well as smaller can sizes as governments and consumers become more concerned with the drawbacks of high soft drink consumption...

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Bottom Line Has Bottomed Out

Strengthening fundamentals will drive upstream performance, counteracting any downstream weakness and helping oil majors' balance sheets shore up over 2017.

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Wari-Tigo Deal A New MFS Expansion Paradigm

The most interesting aspect of the sale of Tigo Senegal is the buyer, the Wari Group. It is a digital financial services platform, whose aim is to improve its position in the market by becoming an operator, and targeting Orange and its successful...

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Rising Tensions With US, But No Break With Nuclear Deal

Tensions between Iran and the United States will escalate over the coming quarters as Donald Trump takes a far harder line with Tehran. We expect further sanctions to be put in place by the United States; however, the nuclear deal will remain intact...

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Recovery Still Years Away, Despite Oil Output Uptick

The Libyan economy will remain in a state of crisis over the coming quarters, as political instability, soaring inflation and high unemployment limit consumption and investment. While oil output increases are a short-term positive for growth,...

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