Economy Experiencing Pain Before Gain

Egypt's economy is undergoing a painful adjustment process that will keep growth relatively weak in both 2017 and 2018, thanks to high inflation and weak exports. Economic growth will pick up in 2019, if the reform process is allowed to run its...

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Rough Times Ahead

Further delays to the restart of the Rough storage facility increase the risk of gas price volatility over 2017. The inability to inject adequate gas supply over the summer months would increase the risk of winter price spikes over the winter demand...

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Witches' Broom Curse And Low Quality Constrain Outlook

Brazilian cocoa production will grow at a moderate pace out to 2021 as the sector remains impaired by the consequences of the witches' broom disease which decimated output 25 years ago. We see more opportunities in cocoa grindings with Brazil...

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Chronic Disease Rise To Encourage Proactive Public Health Tools

The rapidly growing burden of non-communicable diseases in South Africa will reinforce the appeal of dietary taxation as a public health tool. While traditionally this tool has been more common in developed markets, governments in emerging markets...

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Snap: More Twitter Than Facebook

We believe that Snap, which has just filed its IPO, is more likely to be the new Twitter than the new Facebook. Four reasons underpin our view: strong market competition, low prospects for profitability, an unclear business model and weak corporate...

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Progress On Fiscal Consolidation Will Placate EU Officials

Spain will make headway in reducing its fiscal deficit over the next two years, although it will fail to bring it in line with the EU's 3.0% of GDP limit by 2018. Public debt will gradually decline and borrowing costs, while rising, will remained...

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Strong Dollar Accentuates Slower CE Spending Growth Outlook

In extending our forecasts for spending on consumer electronics equipment and associated products through to 2021, much slower rates of growth have come to bear on our Risk/Reward Index for the Americas. This is most evident in reduced Industry...

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Two Countries At Risk From An Autos Trade Shake-Up

In line with our view that free trade uncertainty will be a key theme for the industry globally in 2017, we have identified countries that have carved out a niche as global export bases and as such, might be at risk in the event of a major shake-up...

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