Benin To Reap Rewards From New Economic Plan

Benin's growth prospects will be buoyed by recent economic reforms and the implementation of an ambitious public development plan. However, while the economic outlook will be brighter over the next 10 years than in the previous decade, the...

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Autos Investment Round-Up: Policy Changes Paying Off

A clear and supportive industry policy continues to be an effective tool for governments in attracting investment to the autos sector. Pakistan in particular has the opportunity to transform its competitive landscape with its new industry policy.

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10 Key Views On British Politics

The United Kingdom's political system will face a number of major tests over the coming years. Brexit will continue to dominate the news headlines and the command the government's attention, but alongside this there are some key questions that need...

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Challenges To Stability Will Persist Despite Political Deal

The December 31 agreement between the government and opposition forces in the DRC, setting a tentative deadline for President Joseph Kabila to leave office, could dampen violence in the country and reduces the risks to political stability. However,...

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One To Watch: Pakistan Telecoms Market

Within Asia, we identify Pakistan's telecoms market as one to watch. The country's mobile market is far from saturated and both organic subscriptions and 3G/4G adoption will drive growth over the coming years, with operators engaging in price...

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China Crisis: Potential Scenarios For Commodity Prices

There is significant risk of a China economic growth crisis in 2017. While such a scenario could be severely negative for commodity prices, we believe this would not necessarily be the case. Ultimately, the policy response of central government to...

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North Korea To Rise Up Trump's Foreign Policy Agenda

North Korea's nuclear weapons programme will be one of incoming US President Donald Trump's key foreign policy challenges in 2017. Although Trump is likely to seek dialogue, this is unlikely to lead to a breakthrough, meaning that a crisis could...

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Europe GM Outlook

Europe will remain proportionally the smallest region for GM plantings in the world. Negative sentiment from EU citizens and lawmakers will continue to surround the technology, maintaining a challenging operating environment for seed companies and...

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Four Key Themes To Shape China's TMT Sector In 2017

We identify a few key themes that will shape China's TMT sector in 2017. Operators will see continued mobile and broadband subscriber growth, but face a more challenging market for user engagement. e-commerce sector growth will remain robust, with...

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Latin America Infrastructure: Key Themes For 2017

Continued fiscal constraints will limit public spending across Latin America in 2017, with countries which have prioritized institutional reforms aimed at enabling and attracting private investment set to outperform. Additionally, we highlight the...

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