Net Negative Impact From Trump's Election

The election of Donald Trump as the next US president is, in sum, slightly negative for the political and economic outlook of the UAE. Under a Trump presidency we expect closer scrutiny on Iran and a shift away from defeating President Bashar Al-...

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Key Themes For Autos In 2017

The autos sector will face a number of challenges in 2017 as it looks for growth in an increasingly protectionist environment and strives to adapt to a new business model. There will also be opportunities, however, and here we outline our views on...

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Three Scenarios For Globalisation: 2017-2030

Globalisation is very likely to plateau over the coming decade and partially reverse, as populist forces continue to rise in developed states. In this article, we lay out three potential scenarios for globalisation and their respective implications...

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Vote Recount Efforts Will Fall Short

Efforts to conduct a vote recount in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will fall well short of displacing Donald Trump from the presidency before 2017. However, the recount efforts will provoke debate about the relevance of the...

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Healthcare Expenditure Will Continue To Expand

Turkey's healthcare system is dominated by public expenditure. We foresee that this will continue over the long term, with growth to remain high as the country expands its access to services while also investing in higher quality infrastructure....

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Heating Policy To Provide Favourable Gas Backdrop

Increased demand for heating will ensure China's appetite for natural gas imports remains elevated over the winter months. The outlook for the longer term remains equally positive, with the government expected to enact further pro-gas policies to...

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Autumn Statement Addressing Drags On EV Sales

The Autumn policy statement in November by the UK government set out a policy framework that promises to further support EV sales, which will ensure the UK remains a major player in the European EV market.

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