Key Themes For Food & Drink In 2017

With 2016 coming to an end, we highlight our key global views for the Food & Drink sector in 2017. It will be a difficult year for F&D majors, as they deal with declines in sales of traditional products in developed markets, as...

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Little Support For Thermal Power Generation

The share of thermal power in total power generation in the Netherlands will decline over the next decade, as coal is hit by environmental policy and gas by market pricing dynamics.

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Referendum Defeat Compounds Growth Woes

The rejection of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's constitutional reform in the December 4 referendum will weigh on growth by heightening short-term political uncertainty, halting reform momentum, and raising risks associated with the banking sector....

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OPEC Deal Will Offer Economic Tailwinds For SSA Oil Producers

The decision by OPEC to cut production will see modest economic benefits for Sub-Saharan Africa's oil producers, offering modest tailwinds to fiscal revenues and investor confidence. Nigeria will be the big winner in the region, with stronger oil...

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Ageing Population To Boost Chronic Disease Burden

Increased longevity in Brazil will translate into higher demand for healthcare services, medicines and elderly care. This, and the expected growth of the country's ageing population over the coming decades, will have an unprecedented impact on the...

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Litany Of Risks To Stall Planned Power Projects

Our Key Projects Database (KPD) underscores our view that the economic malaise, gas shortages and capital controls will lead to the delay or cancellation of projects in the Nigerian power sector.

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By-Election Reversal Does Not Alter Brexit

The British government's path towards invoking Article 50 and leaving the EU will not be halted by the defeat for pro-Leave Independent and former Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith in the Richmond Park by-election. The Liberal Democrats, which took the...

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Key Themes For Oil & Gas In 2017

Stronger oil prices in 2017 will create more stability, supporting rebalancing in the market and new investment. The wider adoption of clean fuels standards and tapering fuels consumption growth will promote more downstream investment in...

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