Import Reliance To Favour Multinational Drugmakers

Kuwait's pharmaceutical landscape will remain dominated by multinational drugmakers as local firms lack advanced manufacturing capabilities. Despite the Kuwaiti government's efforts to strengthen the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the majority of...

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Economic Resilience Beginning To Fade

Turkey's economy shrank in Q316 for the first time since 2009, as heightened political and economic uncertainty weighed on investment. The government will attempt to counter slowing growth through increased spending, although this will lead to a...

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Nuclear-Free Future, Coal To Dominate

Vietnam's u-turn on nuclear power is unsurprising given the sizeable costs of the technology, the high likelihood of construction delays and the government's focus on cheaper fuel - namely coal.

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Robust Growth Ahead Despite Brexit And Trump

Ireland's economic growth will decelerate over the coming years, as the broad-ranging effects of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States will weigh on exports and foreign direct investment. Notwithstanding...

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Cuts To Corporate Tax Rate Will Attract Drugmakers

A reduction in Hungary's corporate tax rate will incentivise multinational pharmaceutical firms to base their CEE operations in the country. As of January 1 2017, the country will have the lowest tax rate in the EU, compounding the attractiveness of...

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V2V Mandate Lays Autonomy Foundations

A mandate for new light vehicles to have vehicle to vehicle communication technology will not only improve safety, but also lay the groundwork for rolling out autonomous cars. Suppliers and technology companies with key components of this technology...

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Broad Decline In Inflationary Pressures Ahead

CPI Inflation in Iran will head higher over the coming months following the 12% devaluation in the currency in August. After this one-off shock, we do not expect any further significant devaluations in the currency and thus, along lower input costs...

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On Top After OPEC Deal

Russia will benefit substantially from its commitment to the non-OPEC cut through the deals it has subsequently secured with OPEC members. While Russia will reduce production by nearly 300,000b/d by May, average production over H117 and exports will...

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