Global Telecoms: Key Themes For 2017

Regulatory, competitive, macroeconomic and technological pressures will again be the main forces shaping the global telecommunications industry in 2017. Although our core outlook is one of 'business as usual', we acknowledge that the steady...

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Key Themes For Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare In 2017

Pharmaceutical companies will face an increasing number of external risks to their operations. Many of these new challenges emanate from the global financial crisis of 2007-08. In an era of fiscal pressures, governments are seeking to control growth...

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Lead: Peru To Be Growth Bright Spot

Global lead mine production growth will continue to slow due to both a subdued price recovery and a weak global project pipeline. Despite this, Peru will be a relative growth bright spot, supported by a strong project pipeline across minerals, in...

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Bayer Bond Sale Puts Convertibles Back In The Spotlight

German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer has priced a bumper USD4.3bn convertible bond, which adds credence to one long-held BMI-held view that equity-backed deals to support takeovers will become increasingly popular, a trend which we expect to see stand...

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More LNG Heading To Europe

European natural gas prices will remain elevated over December, January and February, attracting more LNG cargos and putting upward pressure on Asian spot LNG prices. Prices will trend lower from early 2017 as demand softens and global LNG capacity...

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Net Negative Impact From Trump's Election

The election of Donald Trump as the next US president is, in sum, slightly negative for the political and economic outlook of the UAE. Under a Trump presidency we expect closer scrutiny on Iran and a shift away from defeating President Bashar Al-...

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Key Themes For Autos In 2017

The autos sector will face a number of challenges in 2017 as it looks for growth in an increasingly protectionist environment and strives to adapt to a new business model. There will also be opportunities, however, and here we outline our views on...

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