Quick View: Unrest Will Weigh On The Economy

On January 17, incumbent Gambian President Yahya Jammeh declared a state of emergency in The Gambia, two days prior to the date that Adama Barrow, who defeated Jammeh in presidential elections held on December 1, is scheduled to hold his...

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Video: State of Play 2017

Managing Director Terry Alexander and Chief Economist Tim Cooper of BMI Research discuss the Dow, the Dollar, Sterling and EM FX, outlining our core macro and market views as 2017 gets underway with Trump continuing to dominate the agenda.

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Kraft-Heinz Highlights Appeal Of Mega Merger For Food Majors

We expect to see significant M&A activity in the packaged food industry in 2017, driven by the need for consolidation against the backdrop of a challenging sales environment as consumer trends continue to shift away from traditional staples...

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Snap NI Election Unlikely To Resolve Underlying Issues

Northern Ireland's politics risks entering a period of paralysis over the coming months, with snap elections to the Stormont Assembly unlikely to significantly shift the balance of power between the main unionist and nationalist parties. If a new...

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US China Trade Confrontation: Most Exposed Sectors

Rising US protectionism against China is highly likely in 2017 and China's manufacturing sector will bear the brunt of such measures. Although China has more to lose from a trade war given the enormous trade surplus it runs with the US, we would...

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SmarTone To Gain From IoT Enterprise Market Segment

Cisco Jasper's partnership with SmarTone in Hong Kong leverages growing demand for IoT solutions for enterprises in Asia's developed telecoms markets. It is an opportunity for SmarTone to diversify its services by targeting a promising market...

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Asia Autos RRI: Strong Policy Ranks Asia A Solid Second

Asia Pacific's Autos sector ranks second only to Europe in our Risk/Reward index (RRI) for the global Autos industry with a regional average 'Rewards' score of 42.8 out of a possible 100 and a 'Risks' score of 63.8 out of 100, where a higher score...

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